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Annual Israel Mall and Chain Store Conference

Over 300 malls and shopping centers exist in Israel, with hundreds of retail chains operating in them.
Together, these make up the Israeli Mall and Chain Store Association.
In 2006, the first annual conference took place, and it has since become a trademark event of the association and the most important annual event for seasoned professionals in the field.
Over 800 participants attend each conference, including chain owners, CEOs and Vice Presidents.

Particular emphasis is placed on the professional content presented during the conference.
For many months, a professional staff of top-level content experts, develops the most professional, innovative and interesting content that can be created in all relevant areas to conference attendees.
Top experts from both Israel and the world at large take part in the conference, exposing participants to a variety of innovations, technologies and trends that are front and center in the local and international retail arena.

Another important area of focus is the professional and social networking that takes place between senior mall executives and leaders of chain stores, with the goal of maximizing and deepening personal and professional relationships.

Over the years, the conference has become an excellent platform for the formation of business connections.
The unique and informal ambiance provides a wonderful space for partnerships, discussions and business deals. The conference was the  brainchild of Dedi Rizel, who has served as chairman and producer of the conference for the past 13 years.

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